Embrace the bumble

“You've got to bumble forward into the unknown.” ~ Frank Gehry

I've seen a few interviews with Frank Gehry and I'm a big fan of his documentary, Sketches of Frank Gehry. Once you get to know a little bit about him, you learn that he really isn't so sure of himself most of the time. He's not the typical hotshot architect/designer who intimidates you with their ego. He admits to the blocks and self-doubt that ebb and flow during the creative process, all starting with the most daunting; the blank page.

I struggled with this the most early in college. I kept waiting for the day when something would click and all the right answers would just flow right out. Instead I learned that, like it or not, bumbling in the unknown is the most important part. It's the time right before the A-ha moment or 4am miracle where it all comes together and you look back and wonder, "where did that come from?" My post college years have also taught me that this idea extends to most of the things you'll encounter in life; career, insurance, rent, taxes, loans, relationships, "adult" decisions. Any encounter with something new evokes the fear of the blank page, but embracing the bumble always helps you move forward.

This blog is going to be about my bumblings and findings. Enjoy.