Jetsetter (kinda)

Part of the fun of going to Asia is the trip there, right? Actually, I wasn't looking forward to sitting on the plane for the 12+ hours it would take to get from Newark to Japan, but I was pleasantly surprised. The main reason for this was because I got to fly in business class, which I am now convinced is the ONLY way to do this kind of trip. With all the layovers and time in the air it took about 28 hours before we had landed in Seoul. Having access to the nice lounges and being able to lean back in a Lazyboy really takes the edge off of traveling stress.

The airport in Japan was just redone, and done beautifully. The space feels like more of a mix between and airport/resort/5 start hotel lobby, and completely clean. The whole place was carpeted and normally I would expect to see stains, gum spots, and whatever else, but it was groomed and spotless just like your grandmother's living room. The only western "restaurant" in the place was a McDonald's, and it had the longest line of white people next to it that you've ever seen. I'm disappointed that I didn't take a picture, but it was the happiest McDonald's that you've ever seen. Because of the long line, most people had to place there order and then wait for it to be completed. However, the "chef" came out from behind the counter to hand deliver each order with a smile and and bow. For anyone who is used to the usual service at a McDonald's (or any other fast food place) this was an unreal sight. Just my first taste of the Asian culture and their complete dedication to service and courtesy. I'll mention this more later.

So we had some time to kill in Japan, so I got a massage and a couple beers. I really want one of these machines!

I'm still organizing my pictures from Seoul and China but I'll post them in the next day or so.