Seoul in 250 words or less

Its taken me a little longer than I thought to sort and upload all my pictures and videos, but I'm just about done.

Seoul is pretty unreal. It seems to spread out forever and anywhere you go is busy. Sort of like Manhattan, but bigger and lots more people. Because I was there for work I only had one day for sightseeing, so its very hard to take it all in, nevermind trying to blog about it. So, it's easier to just show pictures.

Here's a quick video of the changing of the guard ceremony outside the front gate of Seoul Palace.

The most impressive sight was Seoul Palace. It's pretty amazing to visit a culture and city that has literally more than a thousand years of history, with buildings and monuments still standing to prove it. There's nothing that really compares in the US, as we are only a couple hundred years old.

Getting to see those Olympic Gold Metals was pretty cool too, and there's an amazing "small world" story to go with it that I'll include in my next entry. Stay tuned.