Big City, Small World

One of the "weird" things about traveling in Asia is that you become the overwhelming minority for the first time. Americans joke that "they all look the same", well, they think the same thing about us. Most of the white people you see are European, but every once in awhile you'll run into someone from the States. The whole experience certainly brings into reality how HUMONGOUS the planet is. However, every once in awhile something happens that makes things seem much smaller.

It was decided (for us) that we'd change it up a bit one night and instead of having Korean beef BBQ we'd go for some Japanese beef (both are extremely delicious). For some reason the place where we intended to go wasn't there anymore, but we found another place down a nearby side street. After we had started eating the host/owner came out and started some small talk with us. His English was perfect, so we asked him if he had ever lived in the US. He went on to tell us that he grew up in the States!

Us: "Wow, cool we're from Upstate New York."
Him: "Oh, I lived up there for awhile."
Us: "Really?! We're from Rochester."
Him: "Oh, I went to school there."
Us: "Really?! Where?"
Him: "RIT."
Us/Me: " Holy cow, that's where I went to school!".
Him: " Oh, Wow, Really?!"


We talked with him some more and learned that his sister was a Gold Medalist Speed skater for Korea, and he took us to see some of the metals she won. A very cool small world moment.

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