How to make a bag

Making a bag is a lot more involved than you think it would (or should) be. First, we decide what kind of bag we want ( shoulder bag, backpack, sling bag, etc), and we decide what else it will have to hold, and who we're selling it too. Then I'll do some more research on the market and start sketching away on some idea. Hopefully, we'll decide on one concept that we like and I'll make a packet of drawing to give to our factory to start making samples for us to test and review....this is a long story, so instead of reading about it check out the slide show and factory footage. I think you'll get the idea.

It's a really satisfying feeling to see a drawing you made in Rochester, NY go around the world and get turned into this thing, and then turn into thousands of more things ready to go out into the world. It cool to see, but also makes you realize that you're affecting what is put out into this World, and that you should take the opportunity to make it count.

We took a day to visit the factory in China. The factory is in Qingdao, China, which is also the location of the water sport events of the Summer Olympics. So, the entire area is a construction area as the city is trying to prepare. The amazing thing about unlimited labor is that they can do the same construction in months that it takes us to do in years.

We were met at the airport by some of the factory managers, and we all piled into this tiny van and made out way to the factory. Here's a little taste of what it's like to drive there.

(I'm trying very hard to keep the camera still, but between the rough roads and the van with no shocks, it was difficult to do. You also get a new appreciation for side walks and traffic laws)

I think that just about does it for my trip, and Spring is here so I'm sure they'll be lots more to talk about soon.