Play More

This has been making the rounds lately, but worth another post. Take the time to watch the whole thing. Amazing the brilliance and creativity that can come out of play. Something I need to remind myself of every once in awhile. After the video check out a resurrected article I wrote back in the day. The article was origionally written for Reporter Magazine while I was a student. 

Update: The Accidental Creative has some great commentary on the film. Good lessons anyone should keep in mind everyday. 

Play More

Recess was that great moment in the school day when you got to cut loose, play, live. Then one day they took it away. No more time to play we need to work! Even lunch hours these days aren’t enough. You end up eating at your desk checking email or in a meeting. More and more it seems we are giving up what living is about. Enjoying a homemade sandwich with your favorite toppings, playing your favorite sport just for fun, starting new hobbies, or just sitting on a bench enjoying the outdoors. To me these are the things that make life worth living, but they always seem to come second in the “real world”. Everyone has their own idea of what a fulfilling and rewarding life is, but it doesn’t seem like people always dictate their own path. The world moves at the speed of the internet now with hard deadlines, and cut throat competition. If you’re not on board you’ll be left in the dust. What is everyone in a rush for and how did we get to this point?

It seems to me that too much of the world has gotten caught up in stocks, suits, conference calls, and politics. As a society we’ve forgotten how to play. It’s looked down on as lazy, unproductive, and childish. However, we forget that a child at play has more imagination, creativity, and potential for the next great thing than any man or woman in a suite and cubical ever will. How can you survive in the world if you’re playing you ask? I think your days are numbered if you don’t. 

The reality of a global economy should make people realize that it isn’t enough to just get a college degree, or masters even. It is cheaper now to send jobs that simply entail applied knowledge over seas. Given the opportunity anyone can learn how to do these jobs, and more people in the world are now getting that chance. The next wave of great entrepreneurs will be the ones that can take ideas to the next level. Individuals that can create something new, different, and unique will be the ones sought after not only for their expertise but also for their personal style and process.  The ones who have the creativity and vision to consistently offer their specialized knowledge will lead the next economic revolution.

Before you convince yourself that if you can just get that MBA then the BMW will follow take the time to develop your own personal vision. Resist the urge to be another cog in the wheel, and reinvent it. The important answers are not in the back of the book, they are in the imagination. If you play more you will see more. I think if people took the time to play with problems they encounter in life, they wouldn’t get so frustrated trying to work at them.